Truth About Relationships and Mental Health

While reading the various articles about Kanye West and his mental health issues, my heart went out to him and the struggles he must be facing. However, as much as my thoughts and prayers were with him, I was sending them out to Kim Kardashian as well. Dating someone with mental health issues is not easy!

From my experience of dating someone with mental health struggles, I can honestly say that loving and caring for a person with those struggles, affects your mental health severely. One of the things that struck me to the core was the guilt I started feeling in wanting and needing to take care of myself while trying to still love and care for them. It’s very hard to not become resentful when you are subjected to insults, ridicule, lashing out, ungratefulness, deceit, etc. You start to question… what point does caring and understanding end and enabling begin?

One thing I’ve noticed I have in common with other people who’ve dealt with someone with mental health issues is never wanting to feel as if you are giving up on the person. At the same time, what is the limit to what you should endure? Should there be a limit? What’s the alternative…..allow YOUR mental and emotional health to suffer?

I came to the realization that my determining factor for my limit was……how willing and how much effort are THEY putting into getting better. At the end of the day, you cannot help someone who does not want to help themselves. A person must acknowledge their issues and actively work on them in order to get the help they need to get better. You cannot want it MORE than they do.

As I struggle now with my own mental health issues and depression, I know that it is up to me to get the help I need and to take care of myself. I appreciate all the love and support I receive from family and friends but it is not up to them to make me happy or better. That power lies within me. With that being said, I pray that Kanye will get the help he needs and that Kim will have the strength to support him and endure while making sure she is doing what’s best for HERSELF and her children.

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4 thoughts on “Truth About Relationships and Mental Health

  1. taking care of someone by suffering their bad behaviour towards us can never help neither them nor us. I have learned this the hard way myself. They end up taking our good will towards them and hurting us some more in return. The way the abuse just goes on and on. I think taking care of how we feel is the key, in all situations and should never accept behaviour that hurts our feelings.


      • Or just let them grow up themselves.
        When we have been in some way taken advantage of in our childhood, we may end up believing that taking care of others is what we must do. This we need to heal in ourselves for ourselves, first. Taking care of others while we suffer injuries, helps neither them nor us, only keeps the old unhealthy loop going, keeping us stuck..


  2. I am in this situation right now, and I am at a crossroads of whether to hold onto that person or let go, but I trust that time is a healer and like you said, aslong as I take care of my own feelings and emotions the rest hopefully will fall into place, whether that reveals being alone or with him🙏


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