I recently signed up for the Developing Your Eye Course with Blogging University on It is a 10-day photo challenge for bloggers of all levels, from beginning photo bloggers to pro photographers. Each day, we are given a theme to inspire our image.  

Day 1 – HOME: When you think of HOME, what do you imagine? When I think of home I think of my neighborhood in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I think of my house filled with memories, comforts and the feeling of protection. I think of the joy of looking out my living room window and seeing the beauty of my Earthly home as the Sun sets and day transitions to night. I think of peace and tranquility. #developingyoureye

Photo by Lotus Flower at

Day 2 – STREET: Wander your neighborhood — or someplace new — to capture your street snapshot. I chose a street in my neighborhood in Brooklyn which I love. There’s something beautiful and peaceful I find in the silence of the night. No cars, no people, no noises, just sweet serenity. #developingyoureye

Photo by Lotus Flower at

Day 3 – WATER: My inspiration for this theme came from spending time with my daughter in our backyard playing with the water hose. As the water met with sunlight a beautiful rainbow started to form. I just knew I had to take this shot. #developingyoureye

Photo by Lotus Flower at

Day 4 – BLISS: What is your idea of Bliss? My idea of bliss is being a mother. From carrying her in my womb to 7 years later now, it has been an amazing experience. #developingyoureye

Photo by Lotus Flower at

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